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A powerful technique for studying competitors
Studying competitors is a vital necessity. There are a lot of sayings on this score: “I would have known a redemption, I would have lived in Sochi”, “I would have…

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The most effective protection against competitors
The prospects for the near future for most companies are not very bright, because the only way to survive in the modern competitive world is to constantly attack. The best…

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Many have garages that they do not use and would like to organize a business there. In this article we will analyze business ideas with minimal investment in the garage,…

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What pay salary

Typically, topics are prompted by a “crowd under the windows” crowd of potential and permanent customers. When the wind conveys something to my ears that is shouted unanimously, I listen carefully. If it is not imagined, it means that fate dictates me another topic for an article. After that, I think – and if I have an answer to the sounded? When there is, I simply state what I would have told about this issue at the seminar. Well, or a little more. Continue reading

The best system of staff remuneration

In this article I want to talk about the best of my known wage systems. For many years I was an opponent of the salary system and advocated people being paid for piecework. Fixed pay affects staff like vodka on an alcoholic: always desirable and most destructive. The seller should receive interest, I considered, the production worker – on development, the rest – small salaries and large premiums. Today I have revised my views and am no longer a loyal supporter of these systems. I found myself another – fresher and more interesting. Continue reading

Head rude mistakes in low income conditions

Recently, a businessman can easily find an adviser on any issue. Each consultant proves that “his kung-fu is the best.”
As a leader, you should be aware that counselors want food too. Their task is not just to help you, but also to make money. Since they have the same commercial enterprise as you have. Of course, every normal consultant tries to help honestly, but with the help of the tools that his company sells. Therefore, if you turned to a consulting company, you will be selling the product that is the main and main product in this company. Continue reading

As a businessman to leave the operating system and not to engage in micromanagement

The rules of how a businessman to stop doing stupid OSes, and to make a much more valuable contribution to the development of his business, have been known since 1951. Then the first of the authors who wrote about management, who opened this topic, was L. Ron Hubbard. He formulated a series of laws of nature that underlie the management of the organization. This landmark publication was called “Management Essay”. It is impossible to find an earlier text which would set forth the principles for the separation of the functions of the director of goals and the manager. Continue reading


The first and most important thing that future businessmen need to remember: it’s never too late to start.
Look at the story of Colonel Sanders, who, when he was 40, opened a gas station, where he treated clients to fried chicken. At the age of 60 he was already engaged only in a restaurant from which the KFC network had grown.
Or another example – Willie Blum. At 60, he opened his own company for the production of unusual ice cream Denali Flavors. Now it is one of the most popular brands in the United States. In 2017, the company released 30 million packs of its best-selling ice cream brand, and in 2018 acquired a third factory in Wisconsin to expand the business.
Some people think that starting a business is very simple. We are sure that it is worth starting, how they will inevitably succeed and earn a lot of money. Having taken the first step and faced with obstacles, such hyperoptimists abandon what they have begun. Continue reading

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Modern analysis of market opportunities
If there are few customers or a business has stalled, then it is time to conduct an analysis of market opportunities. It is also necessary because, sooner or later, the…


Head rude mistakes in low income conditions
Recently, a businessman can easily find an adviser on any issue. Each consultant proves that "his kung-fu is the best." As a leader, you should be aware that counselors want…


How to find sources of profit
The main sources of profit change after the change in the economic level. We are currently moving from the fourth economic level to the fifth. Accordingly, very soon only businesses…